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Car Loan Debt

Vehicles may be costly, especially when they require maintenance, and paying off a car loan might take years. We will help to reduce your stress and help you to have just one monthly payment to make, incase you are not able to make your car payments.

Collection Calls

Ignoring collection calls can be harmful to your finances, resulting in wage garnishment and lawsuits. We can assist you with stopping collection calls.

Credit Card Debt

There are a variety of methods available for getting out of credit card debt. At GS DEBT SOLUTIONS, we will assist you in determining the best type of credit card debt relief program for your specific situation.

Payday Loans

Do you know that payday loans are an extremely expensive way to borrow money? Payday loans are most typically used to make ends meet when cash is needed immediately in between paychecks. We have a lot of expertise with payday loan debt reduction and have helped a lot of Canadians get out of debt.

Student Loans

Forgiveness of student loan debt is achievable, and we can guide you on the proper route to a brighter financial future much faster and with less waiting time.

Tax Debt Relief

We can assist you in obtaining tax debt relief if you owe taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). There are many tax debt relief solutions available.

Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment is a legal order from a creditor that your employer deducts money(upto 20%) from your wages to pay off your debts. If you are facing wage garnishment, contact us right now. We will advise you on the best way to avoid wage garnishment.

WRIT on Property

Creditors have the right to register WRIT against your property in case of default payments. GS DEBT SOLUTIONS can save your property and help you to remove the WRIT from your property.

Frozen Bank Accounts

A bank has the right to seize your bank account. If you are passing through this problem. We can help you to unfreeze the bank account to get your money back.